Love and light

Chakra Energy Reading Training I and II

with Amarga and Svabhavo

Each time we meet a person we exchange energy. We send energies out and we receive energies; in other words: we send messages out and we receive messages.
Usually we are not aware of this energy- or message exchange, but we know, that meeting different people create different feelings in us:
With one person we like to hang out ... with another person it's difficult ... with somebody else we feel so light and joyful ... with another person we feel drained.

Here in this training, we like to bring awareness and a deeper understanding into this.

Chakra Energy Reading Training part I - 10 days

Our physical body consists of energy and is surrounded by an aura, an energy body of light. Inside the physical body there are 7 chakras located, energy centers, which nourish the physical body and the aura with life energy. Each chakra carries a different energetic reality and helps us to live in the best way possible.
If a chakra is not working well or if it is blocked, it will create physical or psychological problems.
In our training you will get to know the 7 chakras and you will learn which function each chakra has and what its flavors are.
You will start by opening your heart chakra first, which will ground you in love and compassion. This will be the base of our work as an energy reader.
The next step will be the exploration of the energetic reality in your own chakras supported by breath work, play with colors and expression.
Then you will bring your attention to the energies moving between you and another or with you and a group of people.
You will explore the way you perceive energies, such as feeling, seeing or hearing. Your intuition gets awakened and trust arises.
Once you can trust your intuition with love and compassion in your heart you are ready to learn to read the chakra of another.
You will start sensing different energies by looking into the chakra, feeling the chakra or listening to the messages you get. Each person has a different way to perceive and it is important to know and trust your way.
You will learn the art of true listening and sharing.
Sharing what you sense will allow the other to relax, as he/she feels seen. A loving and clear presence can be very transforming and healing.
In the end of the process you will be able to give a full chakra energy reading session.

Amarga and Svabhavo will lead the Chakra Energy Reading Training together. Both love energy work in different ways, Amarga is working as a Shamanic Healer and Svabhavo as an energy reader. Both have their own unique way of working and together they create an atmosphere of lightness, love and depth.
If you have done the Shamanic Training or Reiki or some other subtle healing work this training will give you an additional tool to work with.If you have done the energy reading or tarot reading training with Svabhavo or any other reading training, you will find here enrichment for your work as a reader.
This training is for people who have already done self-growth workshops and are familiar with meditation.

Chakra Energy Reading Training part II - 8 days

This training is only for people who participated in the Chakra Energy Reading Training part I, but everybody is welcome to participate in the first 3 days:

Hara and the art of being present

The first 3 days will be dedicated mainly to the hara. The hara is the main energy center in our body, located in our belly, 5 cm below the navel. This is the place from where the energy enters into our body and from there it moves into the different chakras. 

Resting in the hara is very important in our daily life as well as in our work as an Energy Reader or while working with people. It’s the place with endless energy and it's the place of immense silence and centredness. The Samurai is using the hara energy for his fight and the meditator is using the hara energy to rest in the divine silence. The energy reader is using this energy to be present while giving a session.

We will give you a taste of this energy through specific meditations and exercises. Music and dance will help us to enjoy this energy and to move deeper and deeper inside. 

The moment you are centered in your hara, you will experience yourself grounded and relaxed, you will love without losing yourself, you will be creative, without getting tired. 

The training part:

In the following 4 days we will take you deeper into the skills of giving a Chakra Energy Reading session. 

You will learn

  • how to read a problem or issue in the client
  • how to listen in the right way to your client and to become receptive by going in synchronicity with your client
  • how to deal with a so called ‘difficult' client
  • how to communicate in the right way before and after a session
  • how to open yourself to the divine energy; a state where messages are coming through you from a higher source, which we call channeling.

We will also provide space for your questions and time for sharing your own experiences.