Love and light

At Home

In the comfort of our own home. At Home - in yourself, with yourself

Here we like to offer you an ongoing support for your inner growth process through various meditations and inspirational sharings.

The atmosphere in the meetings are of light heartedness, love and respect.

Next to this we are always available to respond to you individually when you seek support.

What can you expect:


Between 2 and 4 meditations per month (depending of our travel plans) as well as our usual sharing before and after the meditations with useful inspirations for your life

Monthly energy update:

In the beginning of the month we are tuning in and channeling the energy of the moment and for the coming month.

Alternating offers per month:

  • Responses to your questions or certain life situations, including a small meditation or exercise in the beginning (approximately 3 hours)
  • Events with changing themes, incl. exercises and guided meditations (approximately 3 hours)
  • Meditation Marathon, one specific meditation for 3 or 7 days
  • Other surprises might come, which we are creating out of the moment, connected with the energy of that time

You will receive:

  • A discount, when you choose to participate in a special created event (for example Astral Healing Event or 1 day or 2-day group events)
  • All music played at events or meditations
  • Recordings of our events and meditations