Love and light

About Us

Amarga and Svabhavo are lovers and fellow travelers since many years.
"Our passion for meditation and inner growth is what we love to share with you"

Amarga C. Gehrmann:

My inner journey started in the early ‘80, when I came in contact with spirituality and meditation through the Indian mystic Osho. Living in his presence and his community for many years healed many wounds and brought me home to my heart and being. 

Passion for energy work awakened with the introduction into the system of Reiki in 1986. Some years later I got introduced to chakra work and aura healing and I caught fire.

After I completed the studies in Osho Prana Healing and Shock Release at the Mystery School in Pune, India, I got trained in giving individual sessions and leading workshops, as well as trainings. My life as a spiritual guide, healer and trainer began.

Invitations to different places and countries followed and so I happily answered the call and started to travel and share my work in many parts of the world.

Facebook:  Amarga Cornelia Gehrmann

Svabhavo M. Cedee

The search for my true self brought me on the path of awareness. To be present to each moment became essential for me.

I love to work out of the moment and to create an open space where you feel seen and accepted. To inspire and empower you to reconnect with your true nature and find a new depth or direction in your life is a joy for me.

I worked as a primary school teacher when my search for inner truth brought me to Osho, an enlightened master. For many years I lived and worked in the Osho International Commune in India as well as in several other Osho centers throughout the world. Here I learned the art of becoming aware and being present.

The longing to bring a meditative quality to the marketplace brought me to Amsterdam where I lived and worked as a painter and builder. Here I discovered that working with awareness creates more ease and satisfaction in life.

Then the request for sharing my passion for conscious living became stronger. Accepting the invitation, I started traveling to different countries where I love to create a space in which each person can discover how simple and deep life is when it is lived with awareness. Next to that I share my experience with Human Design in individual readings and small experiential workshops.

Facebook:  Svabhavo Marinus Cedee