Love and light

Money in my life

We are living in times of sudden changes and this can bring up a feeling of insecurity.

We all have a deep need to be safe and to have enough food or money in order to survive.

But how do we attract or create enough money to live?

In this workshop we like to bring more clarity into your relating with money and to inspire you with a different approach to handle money.

In the first step we like to bring awareness in your relationship to money by using role plays and real money in order to find out:

– how you think about money and what kind of beliefs you have concerning money
– how your parents influenced your attitude towards money
– how you are used to spend or receive money
– what kind of feelings or emotions arise when there is not enough or more than enough money available
– what kind of value/importance, money has in your life
– if you feel worthy enough in order to receive money

In the second step we like to show you a way, how you can deal with money in a more relaxed and satisfied way. 

With the help of the Human design system we will show that for some people it is a natural gift to create and gather money in a consistent way and for others it is natural to be open to attract money in a flexible way. Again, we will use role play and support you in discovering and trusting your own natural way. 

In daily life, money usually gets dealt with, through the 3rd chakra: “money is power” or through the 1stchakra, where the whole focus is on, how to survive.

Here we give you the chance to explore what happens if you relate with money through your fourth chakra, through love and trust. 

Let us see, how you would be in the world, if your relating with money is a heart affair where you trust your natural qualities. Then giving and receiving money brings you joy and satisfaction.  

You are ready for the world when you value your natural qualities and enjoy to share them.