Love and light


individual work and sessions

I am an 'Intuitive Energy Healer' with many years of experience and practice.
I offer sessions in person and online.

Emotional Clearing (online or in person)

My intuition is guiding me, my skills as an energy healer are supporting me.

Emotional Clearing is an intuitively guided journey into the emotional layer of your issue or problem, using energy work to clear the emotional body and if needed using regression work into childhood or past lives.

The emotional body is an energy body surrounding the physical body and is in direct connection with the 3rd chakra. In fact, the 3rd chakra is the energy source of the emotional body. A trauma or a shocking experience can be healed through emotional clearing

By releasing energy blocks in your physical body and your aura, the energy starts flowing again towards health and well being. This gives you more aliveness, joy and love for yourself and for your life.

Aura Healing and Chakra Balancing (in person)

Our physical body has 7 main chakras. Chakras are energy centers in our physical body, they help us to be in balance and in health. Once a chakra is not working properly or the communication between them is broken, the energy flow is disturbed and therefore we experience disharmony or pain in our physical body.

In the session, I create a loving atmosphere, where you will be guided into restfulness, relaxation and acceptance. With the help of energy transmission, touch and sound, your chakras and energy bodies will be recharged, energized and balanced.

Energy Transmission for Well being (distance healing offline)

A 20 minutes session, where I transmit energy for your health and well being.