Love and light


individual work and sessions

Human Design Awareness

Human Design came on my path some 15 years ago. I recognized that the essence of it was awareness and self-acceptance. Naturally fitting with my 3/5 profile I wanted to explore and discover if it was of true value for me. I experimented with it and tried it out in my life in my own way and time. And it works. Responding to that what life brings fitted very well with all the years of meditation practices which I had done, where connecting with the body, diving deep into the belly and watching the thoughts were essentials. My cross of the Sphinx carries the quality of showing a new way of living and it empowers you to sense your own unique direction in life. To be a guiding light for you is what I love to do.

Human Design Basic Reading

Together we look at your Human Design chart. Out of my own living my design experience I share in a clear and practical way what I see in your chart. You share what you recognize or respond to or not. Together we discover where more awareness or acceptance is needed.

Human Design Support Reading

Here you can bring a certain life situation which needs more clarity, a new direction or approach. In a practical way I will show how your Human Design information can support you in this situation. It is also possible that you like to have a deeper look at your Design after you had already a Basic Reading. 

Human Design Relating Reading

Another possibility is a Relating Reading. Here we look at the dynamics which are happening between you and the other. We look at what connects you, what makes you different and where you need to compromise or not. Out of my own relating experience I show you ways which work and share also with you what does not work. Your relating may benefit greatly when there is more clarity, acceptance and understanding of each other’s qualities. 

Energy Reading  / Life Counselling

An Energy reading or Life Counselling session gives you a clear picture of that what is happening in your life. You can bring any life situation which needs clarity or a new approach. I sit with you, close my eyes, feel you and take your mental, emotional and life energy deep within me. Out of a space of not knowing and a connection with a higher energy field words and images come to me which I share with you. Each life situation or question will be responded to with clarity. In an open and respectful atmosphere, you will be able to see and understand which new direction life is offering you.