Love and light

Shamanic Healing Training part I, II and III

with Amarga

A training in energy work as well as a deep healing of your own energy bodies and your physical body. The work is based on love and meditation.

Shamanic Healing Training part I - 10 days

Shamanic Energy Healing uses an ancient healing technique to harmonize, balance and heal the aura (energy field) of a person.

The basic subjects of the training:
- Meeting the inner shaman
- Meeting your power animal
- Exploration of the hara, our energy center
- Introduction into the system of the seven chakras and energy bodies
- Experiencing the different energetic qualities in the 1st to 4th chakra

Teaching of the session: 
- Working from the Hara (staying present and receptive to the client)
- Working through your heart and trusting your intuition
- Relaxing the physical body of the client
- Working in the astral body (emotional body) 
- Working in the etheric body (feeling body) 
- Working on the physical body 
- Energetic self-cleaning after the session
- Energetic room-cleaning before and after a session

Explore yourself
During the first part of the process you will mainly explore your own energetic reality and new dimensions of your heart. You will reconnect with your aliveness and rediscover the joy of life. You will experience energy in its different vibrations and manifestations in your chakras and energy bodies.

Learn to work with the other
During the following days we will focus on working with the client. As you become more and more centered in yourself and sensitive to energies, you become a channel for the universal life energy. Through specific chakra work and working in the energy bodies, physical and psychological blocks can be removed and healed. The energy flow will be re-established and the client experiences harmony and an inner alignment.

Healing is something like breathing, it is natural. Somebody is ill, it means he has lost his capacity to heal himself. He is no more aware of his own healing source. The healer is to help him to be rejoined. That source is the same from which the healer draws, but the ill man has forgotten how to understand the language of it. The healer is in relationship with the whole, so he can become a via-media.


Shamanic Healing Training part II - 8 days

In the 2nd part of the training you will move deeper into the hidden and unknown aspects of your unique healing treasures. Through discovering and exploring new dimensions of energy work, you will grow in awareness and understanding in your work as a healer.

You will learn

- to trust and use your intuition
- to read energy patterns in the aura
- to use sounds as a tool to harmonize the energy as well as to break energy blocks
- to give a distant healing
- to give a mental healing (working with believes)
- to work with a special issue or problem
- to communicate with the client, to give a feedback

Shamanic Healing Training part III - 8 days

Every healer is different and has different qualities and ways of working. My longing is to support you in YOUR way of working. By introducing you to different techniques you will find, what fits with you best. Next to learning new ways of energy-healing this training module will again be a deep self-healing process. 

Shamanic energy work is based on intuition and trust; your intuition and the trust in yourself. Love and compassion are your guides. 

The 3rd module of our training offers a few more techniques in working with the client. It deepens your skills and offers more confidence as a healer.

You will be introduced to

- verbal communication during the session process: You will learn a technique, how to work with physical illness and/or emotional wounds.

- working with the cosmic light pillar. This is a beautiful technique to help the client to change energetic patterns in the physical body or in energy bodies.

soul retrieval. When a person is depressed or experienced a trauma, it is possible, that his/her soul is disconnected from his/her physical body. In this process you learn to bring the soul back home.

All techniques are powerful tools, which can help the client to become healthy and whole again.