Love and light

The Way of Light – Life without a fight

We live in times of major change. Life doesn’t always give us what we want or dream of. Every now and then we face health problems, difficulties in relationships, at work or on the path of self-study. Some of us are constantly in a state of struggle for life.

In this group, we will stop fighting the darkness and try to bring light to our inner world. We will begin to take care of what we really need, to discover our true qualities. Instead of trying to change or improve ourselves, we will try to make friends with the mind, watching and listening to everything he says, just letting everything be.

We will pay attention to the body, gently and carefully listening to what it needs at the moment. Rest, touching, proper nutrition or movement. We can trust and allow our body to respond.

In an atmosphere of care and openness, we are blooming, as we are.

“Take yourself in your totality. Don’t miss a single part, don’t hide anything in the dark. Carry yourself to the light and look at yourself in a friendly way, because it is your true energy and it is the energy with which you need to connect. When you treat her like a friend, she reciprocates you. Being a friend to yourself is the greatest thing that can happen to a person in life

” OSHO “From unconsciousness to awareness”