Love and light

Shamanic Women’s circle

Seminar with Amarga

Music, magic, love, laughter, joy, tears, energy

Come and join us on our mystical shamanic journey. A circle has no beginning, no end. Therefore, there is no goal, oh, what a joy, what a relaxation! 

During these days we will take a break from our daily duties, from the rational mind, from the doing and becoming and dive into the female waters.

Our parents where teaching us how to behave; but, how to let go, we will explore here during these days.

The Shaman woman is carrying a natural beauty and dignity. She feels close to nature, her inner and the outer nature. She is connected with her intuition and is using her to be guided by life and to guide others.

Every woman, also you, has this woman inside. You can call her shaman woman or wise woman. Together we go in search for her by using dance, drums and other instruments as well as special shamanic meditations.

Breathing, dancing, laughing, crying and sharing your longings and dreams with each other, will help you to create space for this woman to surface.

This woman can be wild, she can be soft, she can be passionate, receptive and so much more. And by diving into your own unique energy step by step, you will find the woman you are.

In the Shaman’s world it is said, that everybody is carrying a special quality, a special gift, which wants to be shared in the world.

Together we will go on an inner journey in order to find our inner shaman woman. Trance dance and a guided journey will help you to find and connect with her. Once you have found her you will be able to understand her unique gift. This gift you can carry out into the world.

When women come together, a space of love, care and healing opens. Connected through our hearts we support each other in our uniqueness and beauty.