Love and light

Shamanic Training – Awakening the healing spirit

A Shaman is a person of wisdom who uses his or her unique awareness to guide and serve others.

Shamans are said to have the ability to transform energy. They develop a special knowledge of the spiritual essence within all things and are able to utilise that knowledge to create balance and harmony in the world around them.

David Lawson

Are those words touching something deep inside you? Are you looking for a way to heal, to guide?

Then, this training might be the first step to bring you in contact with your own natural healing abilities.

We, our body, mind and spirit consist of energy, pure energy.

Let’s awaken those energies inside us through dance, chakra work and special shamanic meditations. Once you feel those subtle energies running through your system, once you are aware of the different vibrations, you are ready to

Find your inner Shaman and your power animal:

The inner shaman is the wise man or woman, he/she is the healer, the teacher or the oracle.

The Shaman is using his intuition to be guided by life and also to guide others. Moving into trance will help you to connect with our inner Shaman, the one who carries eternal wisdom.

You will also meet your power animal, which is your constant guide and supports you in your daily life.

During our seminar we will mainly work with two energy centers in our body:

The hara: A healer or energy worker must be connected with its own source, a place, in where he can rest and from where his energy starts flowing. This source is called hara.

The heart: The Shaman is one who sees in darkness with his heart. Let’s open our hearts, let’s heal, what is in the way of letting love flow.

Love is the energy with which we heal, hara is the energy in which we rest. The Shaman is connected with both and so, healing works.