Love and light

Remember who you are – A journey to your true essence

In your essence you are unique and you are whole. In your essence you know who you are. Through years of education and social upbringing you have forgotten who you are. You have learned, how you should be and how you should achieve something in life. Step by step you moved away from your true nature.

Society taught you to look outwards; we like to invite you to look inwards.

In the process of “remembering who you are” we will take you back to that place beyond the mind, beyond reasoning, beyond that what you should do or how you should be.

You will enter a place inside you, where you feel rather than think. We will start by feeling the body. Dance and movement, breath exercises and meditations will support you in it.

As you allow yourself to feel, memories might appear, memories of your life or even childhood, glimpses of happy moments or of sad moments, glimpses, where you felt at ease and connected with yourself and you might remember moments in which others took you away from that blissful state.

When you deeply feel you may become aware that there is a certain presence, a presence of the divine, a fragrance of something sacred – or you might realize that you are simply present here now in this moment.

We will also prepare you for a guided journey to the beginning of your earthly life to remember, to relive your own unique essence.

Once you tasted your uniqueness, life will be very different, it will be more joyful, more relaxed, more satisfied.

When you can say: This is me … and this is you. Oh, what a freedom, what a relaxation is this! And when you are able to trust, that the way you are is perfect and you don’t need to “do” something or change anything … oh, what a joy!

You are life, eternal life.
You are existence, infinite existence.
You are pure no-mind.

Just misguided, misdirected, you have forgotten yourself. All that is needed is, in the words of Gautam Buddha, “Sammasati — just remember your self.” You don’t have to go anywhere, just a remembering of a forgotten language, a remembering what you already are. It is not a realization because you have never been otherwise.