Love and light

Meeting the Inner Child – Healing the Inner Child

“Freeing yourself from childhood patterns is freeing yourself from the pain you carry within you most of your life.”

Do you know that feeling when you look at a small child and your heart fills with love and wonder? What a magic, what a beauty, what a trust and innocence!

As the child is growing up, it experiences life with all its beauties, but also with pain, disappointment, frustration and fear. It gets conditioned and taught how to behave and so, the innocent natural child is moving to the background.

In our seminar you will discover, that this conditioned child is still living inside you and that it is unconsciously ruling you in your adult life with its longings and wounds.

In your childhood you were waiting for the love of your parents, later you want the love from your partner, your husband or wife, from your colleagues, your children or friends. And in most cases, you get disappointed. Fulfillment does ot happen and the old childhood patterns keep repeating.

In the first step of our process you will travel back into the environment of your childhood and become conscious of what happened there. How did you feel there as a small girl or boy?

In the next step you discover what this child really needed there. What was it longing for? What was missing?

In an atmosphere of acceptance, relaxation and trust, we will be connecting and listening to this child in order to understand, what it really needs in order to heal.

In the third step you will take a distance and see your childhood, the inner child, through your adult eyes. Only you as an adult are able to protect, nourish and love your little one.

Now you can care for this child, giving it all the space and all your loving support. The moment your inner child feels that you are there, trust arises and old wounds heal.

Then the hidden beauty and quality of the child can reveal itself and it can share gifts of joy, playfulness and wonder into your adult life.