Love and light

Listening, speaking and being present from your heart

When you hear another person talk you mostly do not truly listen. You hear your own understanding or interpretation of the other’s words. The other person feels this and will try harder to be understood or will stop communicating with you.

This way of listening or communicating is not nourishing and can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, tiredness or the wish to escape from the other.

In this group, you will come into contact with the art of true interaction, which requires awareness, clarity, deep sensitivity and openness through your heart.                                  

True listening means that you can hear what words are really spoken. It also means that you are able to feel those words through your own heart. At the same time, it also needs that you are present as a silent listener.

In order to be heard, clarity is necessary, and clarity is born from the ability to feel the importance and truth of your words. Every word needs to be felt, and it is important that the speaker takes all the time and space to allow the words to arise from the heart.

In an atmosphere of care, respect and silence, we will explore together what it is like to listen and share through our hearts. Gradually mastering this skill, we will be able to change our attitude towards ourselves and others, bring more integrity, peace and clarity to our lives.

“Why is it so difficult to communicate? The reason is that you’re not here yet. There is inner emptiness and a fear that communication with someone will lead to the fact that sooner or later this emptiness will be revealed.
Therefore, it is safer to keep people at a distance, so at least you can pretend to be there. But you’re not there. You’re not born yet, you’re just a potential opportunity. You haven’t become harmonious yet, and only two harmonious people can communicate. Communication is one of the greatest possibilities of life: to communicate is to love, to communicate is to share. But before you share anything, you have to have it yourself. Before you love, you need to be filled with love, you need to have love in abundance.”