Love and light

Inviting and welcoming change in your life

with Svabhavo

We are living in a world which is changing fast The old ways are not working anymore and the new is not yet known. We feel insecure and try to hold on to the old.

The mind likes the routine and does not like change. It has its own known ways and mostly it resists anything new or different.

But life is very different. It is full of change and creation. It always brings the new. It is a flowing process of natural evolution.

In this seminar you will get inspired to become more curious and to open yourself for new possibilities in your life. Here is a chance to let go of the old and to welcome the new. And to live this new. 

Instead of listening to the worries or fixed ideas of your mind we will connect with our life energy in our body and trust our sensitivity.

Each person has unique qualities and wisdom; all stored in the body and now is the time to bring this out into your life. 

In small groups you will discover that there are different and creative approaches possible to a life situation. Feel free to bring any situation out of your own life and explore how much more is possible.

Together we will find new openings in a respectful and caring atmosphere. 

Special meditations and awareness exercises will support your heart and mind to respond in the right way to each new possibility. 

Life becomes fresh and interesting again if you can meet all it brings to you
with an open heart and a clear mind.