Love and light

Healing in Love

The present time of insecurity and change inspired us for this workshop to offer. We felt, that there is a deep need for HEALING. But healing alone felt not enough and so, we came to “Healing in Love”.

We experience ourselves in the midst of an incredible energy shift. The old doesn’t work anymore or has been taken away and the new hasn’t fully come yet. Our earth and we with her, are in a transformational process, where we get “updated”, where each one of us experiences a rise in the energy vibration.

We are preparing for an incredible shift into the higher dimension. With this shift we are moving globally from the mind to the HEART. Each cell of our body is getting updated and this needs lots of energy and is asking for our presence and support.

In times it might feel like moving through a birth channel or like standing in shoes, which are too small. Some of you might feel strong bodily symptoms or your thoughts and plans don’t make sense anymore or maybe you feel depressed, out of touch with life.

Our bodies ask for healing and a deeper connection with it for this shift to take place. Rest and taking space for allowing you to feel your need in each moment. You are asked to open and nourish your heart and allowing life to guide you.

We are intending to create and offer a womb of healing and love, a place where we together can be with all our pains and discomforts, be it emotional, bodily or mental. 

In this safe space we will

– meditate together, in silence or in expression
– dance ecstatic or sensual, slow or wild
– open our hearts so that they can flower and spread their fragrance
– express ourselves through painting
– use massage to open our physical body
– learn conscious and loving touch and allowing healing energy to flow into another and into ourselves
– create healing circles, where we support each other in healing and becoming whole

We, Svabhavo and Amarga, will also invite you on 3 evenings into our ‘astral healing temple’, where we are channeling and transmitting healing vibrations to each one of you. You simply need to open to receive.

Love is the key to healing. When we feel love, we are connected to our true self, and our body, mind and spirit is “working” together in perfect harmony. Only in this harmony our soul can rise up and flower.