Love and light

Growing up in Love – The way towards a happy and fulfilled relationship

Everything is so exciting when we fall in love.  We feel so attracted towards the beloved and all seems to be so wonderful. But after some time things change and difficulties arise.  We feel not loved or cared for and what we want or wish is not happening.

We become more and more unhappy and start to react; we fight, we cry, we run away or close off or shut up. And still, nothing changes, love does not return.

In these moments we often blame the other for our unhappiness and we think if he/she changes, than I am happy again.

Here we will do the opposite: We leave the other as he is and start changing ourselves. Only then you will experience peace, only then you are free, only then you can relate in a loving and grown up way. And often the miracle happens: by changing yourself, you see the other in a different light or the other is changing too.

In our workshop you will investigate deep into your own life.

In the first step you need to become conscious, what your relating patterns are. How do you react, when you feel not loved, when you feel misunderstood?

In the next step you will investigate, where these feelings are coming from.

In most cases unconscious behaviors or reactions having their roots in our childhood.  As long as these wounds from early childhood are not seen and healed, we again and again end up in painful relationships.

Therefore you will travel back into the environment of your childhood in order to remember and re-experience how your parents related with you. Did you got love, did they care for you, where they present and listened to you?

In this moment you might realize, that the same feelings you have with your life-partner are the same feelings you had as a child.

In a loving and respectful atmosphere we will care for that wounded child and give him what it needs. We will care for each other and listen to each other. Together we will find ways how you can care for yourself and grow up in love, so that your relationships are happy and fulfilled.