Love and light

Energy Healing Training Part II – Aura healing: The etheric body

Energy is all around us
Energy is life
Energy is moving through our bodies and beyond
We are connected with each other through energy

In this training, you are invited on a journey towards the finer energies in you and the other. You will get to know the auric field and how to heal the etheric body.

Our body is not only matter, but energy. It appears to be solid, but in fact it consists of energies.

When we become very sensitive and attentive, we become aware, that our body doesn’t end with the skin, but extends energetically. We discover, that even around our physical body, there is an energy layer, which we call: aura or energy body.

This aura can expand and contract. Some people can see this aura, others can feel it. The aura, surrounding our physical body consists of different energy layers: the etheric layer, the astral layer and also a mental layer.

Our journey and our exploration of the energy bodies will begin with

Awakening to Presence (3 days)

Being present, being sensitive, trusting your intuition and opening your 3rd eye.

Becoming sensitive to energies asks you to slow down and to be able to set your mind aside. You need to breath out, you need to arrive into the present moment.

Special meditations and exercises will prepare you for this, as well as to open your 3rd eye.

When you are present, when your 3rd eye opens, you will start to see or feel energies and become aware of the aura surrounding the physical body.

We will experiment with the inner seeing, you will learn how to set your mind aside and dive into the magic of inner guidance.

Aura Healing and Energy Balancing (4 days)

During the following days we will teach you, how to use this sensitivity and gift to give an energy healing to another.  Here we will work with the etheric body and the aura.

The etheric body, which is the first layer surrounding the physical body, is also called: the sensual body. This energy body is often contracted, it often lacks of energy and vibrancy.

In this contracted state, physical pain is mostly numbed. Fear can easily enter and even sickness. Often, we find the cause of contraction in unresolved painful experiences which happened in the past.

We will use energy work to awaken this body, to bring it back to life and to heal these wounded and forgotten places.

This specific healing work we will teach you here, by:

– relaxing the physical body
– sensing the aura as well as the energy in the different chakras
– balancing and healing the aura as well as the chakras’ energy
– creating a golden light protection

We will also teach you an energetic cleansing of your own chakras as well as an energetic room cleaning, which you can use for and after the session or any time in your home.

At the end of this training you will receive a certificate.

Amarga is a Shamanic Energy Healer and Reiki Master and is familiar with energy work and healing for over thirty years. Svabhavo is very sensitive for energies and has an intuitive knowledge of ancient healing techniques.

Both are happy to share their wisdom with you in this training.