Love and light

Energy Healing Training part I – Healing Touch

Training with Amarga and Svabhavo

Sometimes, energy gets stuck, it stagnates and blocks the harmonious flow in our body. Sometimes the energy is leaking out of us and therefore we experience low energy and tiredness. Often blocked energy manifests as pain or discomfort in our body.

Then: Healing is, what we need.

Healing can happen on different levels: on the physical, the emotional-feeling and the energetic level.

Here, in the Energy Healing Training part I, we will introduce you to the art of healing and harmonizing the body flow through physical touch.

You might think: well, touching is easy, everybody does it, all the time. But, are you really touching? Do you touch the other, so that he feels touched?

There is a big difference between just a touch and a sensitive conscious touch.

So, in the first 3 days of this training we will start with:

Trusting in Sensitivity

Here we open up our senses of hearing, seeing, touching and feeling. We become sensitive to the way our bodies respond in contact with another.

Sensitivity happens through our receptive chakras or energy centers in our body.

The second chakra, located in your belly area is connected with sensing the other, it’s connected with meeting another and with becoming intimate. Also, sensuality starts from this place deep inside our belly.

We can feel from our bellies if a connection feels safe or not.

The fourth chakra, located in our heart area, carries the energy of love, compassion and acceptance. Receiving the other and resting in yourself through deep acceptance is the innermost quality of the heart.

The sixth chakra is also called the 3rd eye. By opening this chakra, your inner world is opening up to you, providing you with messages, clear vision and wisdom.

All we need here is to stay open, to be receptive and to trust all the signals our bodies show us.

We will provide exercises and meditations, which help you to open those senses.

Many of us are wounded, physically or psychologically and all those memories of hurt are stored in our bodies as traumas or discomfort.

Here we teach you a hands-on technique to release blocks and allow the energy to flow again. You will learn to sense, what is happening in certain places, while touching.

We will teach you several healing sessions:

– healing of the chakras
– chakra balancing
– intuitive body healing

Each healing session will start with ‘relaxing the body’ and will end with ‘enveloping the client’ in a protection of light.

At the end of this first training you will receive a certificate.

Amarga is a Shamanic Energy Healer and Reiki Master and is familiar with energy work and healing for thirty years. Svabhavo is very sensitive for energies and has an intuitive knowledge of ancient healing techniques.

Both are happy to share their wisdom with you in this training.