Love and light

Being Woman – The magic of energy and intuition

*** This seminar will be a continuation of “healing the feminine”, which began in August 2023 ***

This workshop is an invitation for all women, who would like to dive into the magic of female energy and intuition.

Learning to understand the energetic reality of your female body:

Your body is surrounded by an aura, an energy field made of light. And this auric field is alive, constant changing its form and colors. The moment you meet somebody, your auric field  is responding. The moment you have a certain feeling or emotion your aura is changing.

The aura receives its energy from the chakras. While a healthy chakra gives you energy and lets you experience life in its potential, an unhealthy chakra creates problems and discomfort. Due to psychological misunderstandings or wrong education the natural flow of energy in the chakras is often disturbed or even blocked.

Special breathing techniques, exercises and meditations will help you to

– understand the nature of the chakras and your aura
– understand in which way the female energy is flowing different from that of men
– detect and free blocked energy
– help activating the natural flow of energy

Being receptive and sensitive, trusting your intuition

Once the energy is flowing freely through the chakras, your auric field will expand and you will be more sensitive to the phenomena of energy itself. You can now direct your attention to your uttermost feminine power, which is called intuition. Intuition is that energy which arises, when you are receptive, when you open all your senses and from inside you simply listen or feel or see.

If a woman is able to rest in her true energy and lives her intuition, she is happy and contented with herself and with life around her. This is the moment, where magic happens, when the light, her inner light starts shining through her.