Love and light

Being Woman and the Art of Relating

Do you wonder, how to attract the right man into your life or how you can improve your current relationship?

Then you might want to have a deeper look inside yourself. Unconscious patterns lead to suffering and pain. Once you uncover those patterns, you grow in consciousness and you get ready for a fulfilled love relationship.

Inner Man, Inner Woman

is a process, a journey into your inner unconscious relating.

Every man is half man, half woman and every woman is half woman and half man. Only by knowing and accepting both sides inside we become whole.

Our outer life is often a reflection of our inner world. As long as this inner world is unconscious, misunderstandings are happening, disappointments are obligatory.

Therefore we are stepping into our inner world and explore these two parts inside. Using special exercises and role-plays we discover our inner man as well as our inner woman.

This encounter of your two parts will be prepared by becoming more and more sensitive to your inner feelings and your intuition. You learn to trust, what you feel and see and allow your two parts, the inner man and inner woman to unfold.

Often it is a big surprise, who they are, what they like and don’t like. In active role-plays you will discover their characters. This will be the moment, where you consciously meet yourself.

By meeting your inner man or woman, you will get a better understanding of your relationships in life and your possible difficulties with the other sex or your attraction to certain types of man.

When you know your both inner parts, the inner man and the inner woman, you have an incredible tool to manage your love life in a very different way.