Love and light

Becoming Whole – Healing the Feminine

Seminar with Amarga

“Femininity is an energy of openness! It has nothing to do with your hair, your makeup or how you dress. It’s not the “idea” you have in your head. And it’s not weakness. Feminine energy is your best and most authentic self-stepping forward with courage and vulnerability to BE who you truly are….no matter what the “risk”!”
                                                                                                                   Stacey Martino

As a young girl, you have known, who you are, and you have loved yourself, without knowing it, without naming it. You are a child, you are a girl. You play, you are.

As the time went by, you learned to speak, you learned to think. And you started to develop your mind. Not, that you develop it by yourself, but, in a subtle way you got trained. You learned to look at yourself through the eyes of others.

Later, as a teenager, you started to compete, you wanted to be better, more beautiful, smarter … or you started to hide, you felt less beautiful, less smart, less daring.

One day you woke up and you were a woman. You learned your way in life, society helped you on the path, you have studied, you work, you are successful, you created a family or … not.

They call you a woman, but you can’t feel her.

Here, in a space of love and acceptance we will have a look, what went wrong and how we can heal this part, which is suffering.

Healing the feminine in you, means, to find you back as a being, as a woman. The feminine energy is mostly hidden deep inside the woman, in you. Let us search for it, for her.

In the atmosphere of gentleness, you will get in contact with your receptivity and softness. In this receptivity you meet the real woman inside.

Let us explore, let us feel, let us play, let us dance.

Meditations, active and silent ones, exercises, breathwork, sharings and dance will help you opening up and step by step uncovering the hidden feminine part which is the real you.

And, this real you can be soft and gentle, it can be wild and strong.  Let us support each other to uncover the wounds, heal and becoming whole.

When women come together, a nourishing and healing energy can be created. In that space of love and relaxation we will grow in our strength and dignity.