Love and light

A shamanic healing journey

Transforming your life, living a new vision

This workshop will be in three steps: It will bring you in contact with your life source, your self-healing abilities and will take you on a vision quest.

The first step:

You will get in contact with your life energy by dancing, celebrating, opening and sharing your heart.

The second step:

Once your body is alive and vibrating with energy, you can direct your attention to the subtle energies inside you and around you. You will learn a special technique to open and clean your own chakras. Old memories and pains might surface and get so a chance to heal.

The third step:

In this space of sensitivity and openness you will move on a vision quest in order to find the next step in your life. You will investigate into your deepest longing at this moment in your life and find a way to make this longing come true.

Support on our journey will be:

  • chakra work
  • shamanic self healing technique
  • shamanic meditations
  • the inner shaman
  • past life journeys
  • future life journeys 

Energy is delight. And when life pours its energy into your being it rejuvenates you, it revitalizes you; you are constantly reborn.