What we offer / Svabhavo

Men Support Groups
The Peaceful Warrior (3 days)
Instead of fighting we become at peace with ourselves.
Living from your center; staying true to yourself (3 days)
The art of staying in connection with your natural life source.
General Groups
Living life lightly (3 days)
Making your daily life worth living
Silence of the Heart (3 days)
Through relaxation and meditation falling in harmony with yourself
Moving into the unknown (3 days)
Not knowing what will happen, you are in for a surprise
The magic of intuition (3 days)
Discovering your inner wisdom
Sensitivity - a door to intuition (4 days)
Through your sensitivity a new world opens up
From Sounds to Silence (3 days)
Through hearing becoming more and more silent  
Inviting and welcoming change in your life. (3 days)
Letting go of the old and welcoming the new. 
Playing on the stage of Life (3 days)
The Art of expressing yourself.
Being centered in the storm of life challenges (3 days)
The art of responding to life.
Individual Work