What we offer / Amarga

Shamanic Energy Work
The Shaman’s Journey (3 days)
Finding your inner shaman and your power animal  
A shamanic healing journey - Transforming your life, living a new vision (4 to 5 days)
5 days dedicated to self healing and your deepest longing
Shamanic Energy Healing Training
Transformational Energy Healing Training I (10 days)
Shamanic Energy Healing uses an ancient healing technique to harmonize, balance and heal the aura (energy field) of a person
Transformational Energy Healing Training II (10 days)
In the 2nd part of the training you will move deeper into the hidden and unknown aspects of your unique healing treasures.
Transforamtional Energy Healing Training III (8 days)
A training in working with emotional wounds and physical illness
Reiki Initiations
Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher (6 days)
Initiation into the 1st and 2nd level of Reiki and into the Master/Teacher
Love matters
Home is where the Heart is (3-4 days)
A healing journey to the heart
Loving yourself - the key to a contented and happy life (4 days)
Finding love and contentment inside
Women's group
Individual Work