What we offer

When people ask us, what work we are doing or what is exactly to be expected in this specific workshop; this is our main answer:

We are sharing love and light, because this is our essence, joy and passion.

Each workshop is different, even if it carries the same title and description. Our work is born out of the moment, corresponding with the people who are attending. 

We love to share, what we learned from our many years on the path with our spiritual master Osho. Besides many other things, we understood, that every being is unique. 

We can see and feel your uniqueness and therefore we meet you with love and respect. 

Most people are not yet living their true self and seeing or understanding their potential. In our workshops we support you to step closer to your potential, to your uniqueness. 


I am walking on the path of love. To be compassionate and accepting is a deep joy and respecting you in your process is very dear to me. 

In many years of experience in energy work I collected a profound inner knowledge how to support people in their inner growth and transformation. 


The search for my true self brought me on the path of awareness. To be present to each moment became so essential for me. 

I love to create an open space where people can discover how simple and deep life is. Sharing clarity and lightness is a silent joy to me.