From Fear to Trust - A new way of living

when: January 20 - 22
where: Sofia, Bulgaria
contact: Bahulya


We are in the middle of a tremendous energy shift, which throws us into unexpected and sudden changes. We experience instability in the outer as well as in our inner life. It seems, we can’t hold on to anything, we have known so far.

The news we hear create a lot of uncertainty. Often our plans lead to nowhere. There is an arising fear of survival.

In such spaces we hardly breathe and in our bodies we may experience depression, irritation, aggression or unexplained sadness. Tensions arise, conflicts appear and it seems there is no way out.

And the big question arises: How do we deal with this? Is there a way which brings us to a lighter or more loving way of living?

Yes, there is. Even, if we don’t know, how it will look like or how it will be, a new form is being born. A higher or different energy is available to meet these challenges in life.

Will you take the challenge? And trust the new, the unknown and the adventure?

All it needs is to become connected with your body, to feel it, to listen to it and to breathe deeply again.

In our process we inspire and empower you to trust your body finding its unique way through the darkness, through the difficulties. Here we bring you the opportunity to connect with your intuition, your body intelligence and creativity.

We will provide special meditations which bring you back to your inner clarity, your deep connection with your life force and your heart.

In a safe and caring space, we will make this step from the dying old to a new way of living. Feel warmly invited to experience this yourself.

Fear is like darkness or emptiness; nothing can be done with it directly. But fear dissolves when it meets deep connection and trust in your life force within. And by trusting yourself you will become clearer, more loving, more compassionate and understanding. Our approach to you is open-minded and openhearted. Sharing love and light is our work and passion.