Shamanic Women's Circle

when: October 08 - 10
where: Geneva
contact: Kara

Music, magic, love, laughter, joy, tears, energy

Come and join us on our mystical journey. A circle has no beginning, no end. Therefore there is no goal, oh, what a joy, what a relaxation!

During these days we will take a break from our daily duties, from the rational mind, from the doing and becoming and dive into the female waters.

Our parents where teaching us how to behave; but, how to let go, we will explore here during these days.

In the atmosphere of the Shaman's magic we will

- dive into our collective female through past life regression
- strengthen our intuition and our inner wisdom, the wise woman inside us
- celebrate our femininity on both levels, body and soul

When women come together, a nourishing and healing energy can be created. In that space of love and relaxation we will grow in our strength and dignity.