Befriending yourself - A healing journey to your nature

when: September 03 - 06
where: Bulgaria, Apriltsi town
contact: Bahulya

Our workshop is an invitation for you to reconnect with your nature and to relax with the way life created you. Deep inside us we know who we are and sometimes we get a glimpse of it without doing anything special; it just happens. 

Here we like to inspire you to connect with your unique being inside. 

In a nature environment, we create a meeting place of friends, where old friends and new friends come together. 

First you might need to unwind from the daily hectic and busy life, you might need to understand, that you are more than your mind with all its ideas.

Living in the mind, in your ideas creates blocks and rigidness in your body and disconnects you from your true nature. 

Here we give the opportunity to release those blocks, express your frustration and make your energy flow. Emotions may come up; tears may arise, as well as anger or feelings of helplessness.

All is welcome here. Nothing is excluded; life has its natural highs and lows. Shame, guilt, fear; everything will be met in love and acceptance.

By opening your heart, you start to experience the love for yourself and for others as well. 

Moving and feeling your body, expressing your body, trusting all your body senses brings you deeper and deeper in connection with your true energy. Here you can flow with your life energy.

You will experience more and more subtle energies arising from within and you might meet yourself in a new and fresh way.

Exercises and active, as well as silent meditations will help you to discover yourself layer by layer.

In a meditative and loving space there is so much more possible than in daily life. We are happy to create that space for and with you.