Freedom to Be

when: September 11 - 13
where: Sofia
contact: Bahulya

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the freedom to be, to be yourself, to do what you like or wish? 


But, reality is, the moment you go that way, you sooner or later meet resistance and restrictions.


In your family or work life you might encounter, that you don’t have enough freedom, not enough time, not enough space. You may feel oppressed, controlled, you start fighting for your space, either with words or with actions. You long for respect, you long to be seen.


How to find your way through all these limitations and difficulties? 


Here we have two ways to go: 


Either you revolt and oppose the other or the situation. Here the focus is on the outside.


Or, you go inside and trust your body and spirit to find its natural space of freedom. Here the attention is towards the inside.


On this inner freedom journey, we would like to inspire and empower you


- to create your own healthy boundaries

- to trust and respect your unique natural response to life

- to relax into your own inner space

- to communicate your truth and your needs


Feel welcome to join this discovery journey where you have all the space to explore and investigate your “freedom to be”.