Work and Money – Discovering your true value

when: May 15 - 17
where: Nizhny Novgorod
contact: Maria

Work and money are very much connected. If you work, you want to get paid for it. And if you need money, you mostly need to work for it or you need to find other ways to get it.

In this process we like to explore the way you relate to money and work.                                                        

In the first step, we like to discover some of our unconscious patterns in this matter. 

We will ‘play” with real money in different ways in small and bigger groups to find out:

- what your attitude to money is
- what conditioning about money you inherited from your parents
- what money spending patterns you have
- in which way you receive money
- which are your main emotions with money; how do you feel about money
- how you value money in your life

In the next step we will explore how you value yourself in your work. Do you like what you do? Are you able to stand up for your value in your work?

The moment you become conscious about old patterns in your life, you are able to deal with it in a new way. The moment you know, what value your work has, you are able to ask for the right amount of money for it. The moment you value yourself your relating with money and work becomes easier and lighter.