The Shaman's journey

when: April 03 - 05
where: Kiev, Ukraine
contact: Chetan Abhas

This workshop will bring you in contact with the magical world of the Shaman.

Dancing, celebrating, provoking your life energy will be part in this process. Once your body is vibrating with energy, you can direct your attention to the subtle energies inside you. These subtle energies will awaken your intuition.

The Shaman is using his intuition and inner wisdom to be guided by life and also to guide others. Moving into trance will help you to connect with your inner Shaman, the one who carries eternal wisdom.

You will meet your power animal, which is your constant guide, knowingly or unknowingly. Once being acquainted, you can consciously use his teaching as a support in your daily life.

The Journey of the Inner Shaman is an invitation to enter into the world beyond matter, the world of energy and mystery.