Coming on the stage of life - Discovering and sharing your true gifts

when: February 21 - 23
where: Minsk, Belarus
contact: Irina Ostashova - Rani

You are not here accidentally. You are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The Whole intends to do something through you. You have to find out what that is, what you can do and cannot do.      


Do you ask yourself, why you are here on this earth, in this life, in this body? Do you wonder, what your purpose is, what you have to give and share here? 

You have natural talents and gifts. Often, they are so natural for you, that you don’t recognize them or value them. Yes, you see the gifts in others, but in yourself?

Would you like to have a look, do you like to discover, explore, find out? Then you are welcome to join us on our inner treasure discovering journey.

Here we like to offer a support and encourage each other in recognizing that, what makes us shine, or feeling satisfied or at peace with ourselves. 

We will inspire each other to come on your stage of life and share what you have. Here you do not have anything to prove or better. Here you can just be you. Here you are not alone, but surrounded by friends and fellow travelers. What you do not see or find in yourself, can be seen or discovered by others.

Different meditation techniques and a guided relaxation will re-connect you with hidden resources. And we will also provide space to get your questions answered as we like to support you in bringing your inner gift into the outer world.