Being woman - Tantric Breath

when: March 20 - 22
where: Tyumen
contact: Anita

A woman can be juicy, a woman can be sensual, a woman can be gentle, a woman can be wild. She can have many faces and expressions.

This workshop invites you, woman, to explore your energy through breath, the divine breath, the tantric breath.

My longing is to give you an experience of your own individual energy and an understanding how your energy works.

Our main focus will be on the first and second chakra. Exploring life energy as well as exploring sexual and sensual energy in the female body is such a joy and revelation.

Tantric breath exercises and rituals will help you to open and awaken these subtle energies and bring you an understanding of your own individual female energy.

I am looking forward to create an intimate space for us women to explore, share and celebrate.