Being centred in the storm of life challenges

when: March 07 - 09
where: Chelyabinsk
contact: Sushma Irina, Jaya Svetlana,
+73519038934, +73519009559


We all wish to have a life where there is enough material stability, good health and loving care. Still, that is not what we always have.


Life brings unexpected changes and challenges and is testing us. It gives us a chance to learn and to grow.


In each difficult situation it is important not to run away or to act blindly. Now it is needed to see clearly, feel clearly and to act in clarity.


In this process you will get supported through different meditation techniques and special centring exercises to connect with your inner strength, your sensitivity and your creativity. 

We will mainly work with our body, our feelings and our life energy.

Working in small groups and with partners you will discover that you can trust your body fully. It responds always to life. Your body knows how to survive, how to act, when to do or not to do.


Some of you may discover the strength of a rock, others may discover the strength of a bamboo tree while others discover the strength of water.

And maybe some of you discover that deep inside you is a space of presence, filled with alive stillness.