Being and Relating - a dance of love and light

when: March 11 - 15
where: Petersburg
contact: Prakash

"First be, then you can relate" 


The society teaches you to look out towards the other, to copy the other, to become like the other, to long for a relationship the other has, to be successful in the world as the other is.

A spiritual teacher or master teaches you to look inwards, to be who you really are.

In this workshop we will shift our attention from desires and dreams to our real authentic energy, flowing with it moment to moment.

You are unique, you are special and you have the universal right to be happy. These statements will support you during the first part of our journey. First Be will be the primary focus in our exploration, becoming an individual, becoming that person, you really are.

Only then, when you have found your individuality, your true self, you are able to authentically meet the other, then you can relate.


The second part of our journey will deal with the other. Meeting and relating with the other as an individual brings a total new aspect into your life. It will give you freedom and dignity. Only when you know, who you are, what your energy is, you are able to know, which people or partners fit with you.


Amarga and Svabhavo are lovers and fellow travelers since more than 23 years. In all these years they gathered a deep and profound understanding of relating, which they happily share with you in this workshop.