The Courage to be yourself in work and daily life.

when: November 15 - 17
where: Moscow, Russia
contact: Ekaterina (Mohani)
8 9269927172

Courage is being yourself every day in a world that tells you to be someone else.  


How many times you wish just to be yourself and just to do your thing or just to express that what you really feel or want? 

Let’s create a space together, where we encourage each other to step forward with your true nature and quality.

The whole art of being yourself is not to listen to other people’s opinions, but to listen to yourself, to feel yourself and to express YOU. 


In the first step you get inspired to feel and trust the energy in your body. Your body is your home and your best friend. It is always with you; it always feels what is nourishing or true for you. And it shows clearly where it is naturally attracted to.


Here we like to reconnect you with your body, making it alive and letting you feel, how juicy you are through dance, breath, touch and play. 

Once you are connected, we can take the second step. Here you learn, how to stand in your own dignity, your true value and power. Shining as you, walking as you, expressing yourself as you. Here you experience your inner strength and the ability to stayconnected with your nature even when other people challenge or question that.

Special developed exercises and different meditation techniques will support you in finding clarity and stability in yourself.


Once you are true to yourself, life will bring more joy and satisfaction in your work and daily life. It only needs you saying yes to you.