The Art of Giving and receiving

when: October 11 - 13
where: Sofia
contact: Bahulya

Finding the right balance in giving and receiving in your work or in relating with people is very important. When you can feel happy giving and happy receiving then you have mastered this art.

 Our whole life is a constant giving and receiving and most of the time we are not aware of what is really happening. 

Did you ever asked yourself: Do I really WANT to give this or that? Do I really WANT to take, what I get offered? 

And when you give or receive: What do you feel? Is it generous or simply an empty gesture? Is it, that you HAVE to give, because it is your mother, your friend etc.? Or do you just take, what you get offered, because you don’t want to offend the other?


First, we like to explore, what hinders you to receive, to get, what you long for.

In your life you might wish and dream for money, attention, success, care or love. You say, that you are open to get it. Often it doesn’t come. But:

Do you feel worthy to get it?
Do you feel, that you deserve it?
And what do you do, in order to get, what you want?

Second, what happens if you are used to give and share and serve? 

Do you feel happy to give?
Do you expect something back when you give? 
Or do you want to be valued by others, when you give?

Here, in our workshop, we like to bring more awareness in your way of dealing with giving and receiving. We like to find out, which way is easier for you and which is more difficult. We like to explore these two ways through our minds, our bodies and our hearts.

Special exercises and role plays will help you to discover what happens in your deeper nature when you give and when you get. First, we investigate into the thoughts about a certain matter, then we look, how the body reacts and last, how the heart feels with it.

Only when you understood the dynamic of giving and receiving, you will be able to bring change into your life, because then you can consciously decide what is right for you in each moment.