Hara and the art of being present

when: October 25 - 27
where: Kiev, Ukraine
contact: Chetan Abhas

These 3 days will be dedicated mainly to the hara. The hara is the main energy center in our body, located in our belly, 5 cm below the navel. This is the place from where the energy enters into our body and from there it moves into the different chakras. 

Resting in the hara is very important in our daily life or while working with people. It’s the place with endless energy and it's the place of immense silence and centeredness. The Samurai is using the hara energy for his fight and the meditator is using the hara energy to rest in the divine silence.

We will give you a taste of this energy through specific meditations and exercises. Music and dance will help us to enjoy this energy and to move deeper and deeper inside. 

The moment you are centered in your hara, you will experience yourself grounded and relaxed, you will love without losing yourself, you will be creative, without getting tired.