Conscious communication - Listening and sharing from the heart

when: May 31 - June 02
where: Petersburg
contact: Prakash

When we listen to another person, in most cases, we do not hear. We hear our own understanding and interpretation of the spoken words. The talking person feels not listened to and gets upset or tries to be understood even more. This way of communication is not nourishing and can lead to frustration, tiredness or the desire to stop or escape from this situation.

In this group we will learn the art of true listening and communication. To listen really means that we hear exactly the words that have been spoken. It also means that we are able to feel each word with our heart and to become just a listening presence for the other. True communication is the ability to clearly tell your truth. Each word or sentence needs to be deeply felt in your heart and sometimes it needs time to let the right words come out of your mouth.

In the atmosphere of care, respect and silence, we will together explore our ability to hear and share through love. This art can have a profound effect on how we interact with ourselves and others. It can give you the ability to share your wounds and needs, to ask for forgiveness and to be able to forgive or express your love and the beauty that you see in others ...

This ability to deeply communicate with partners or friends can make your life more loving and light.