Living life lightly

when: March 01 - 03
where: Moscow
contact: Ekaterina (Mohani)
8 9269927172



In times of turmoil and insecurity it is important to seek for support and inspirations. And this is exactly, what we like to offer you here in our workshop.

Are you longing for this joy, this lightness of being, which seemed to have disappeared from your life lately? Then you are at the right place, here. Here we like to reconnect you with this inner state of lightness, where you have the feeling: yes, I can do this. 

We like to explore with you 

-      how to relate in a healthy way with your partner or with relatives
-      how to do your work in a more satisfying way
-      how to live a happier and more contented life

It is often our mind which makes life complicated and difficult. The more we seek in our mind for solutions, the more complex it becomes. Here we want to take you into another direction. Here we want to take you a step deeper inside you, to a place of love and awareness. Here it is where we find the solutions.

The wisdom is in our body. The body has deep feelings, intuition and lots of life energy. Special meditations and awareness exercises will support you to re-connect with your life energy and the joy of being. 

Svabhavo will inspire you to trust your body and he will show you different approaches to a certain life situation. Amarga will encourage you to connect with your heart and open to your deeper feelings and passion for life.

Together we will create a supportive, caring and inspiring environment where you can find new ways to live your daily life with more ease and satisfaction.