Living life from the heart

when: March 22 - 24
where: Minsk
contact: Irina Ostashova - Rani

When life get’s hard on you and you don’t know anymore, how to decide and you don’t know what is your truth…

When you find yourself in a moment of your life in the middle of chaos and not knowing what is next …

Then it might be, that you try to decide from the mind, the logic, what is right or wrong, what is good or bad.

The fox says to the little prince: Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye (Antoine de Saint Exupery).

And that IS the secret; that is the solution to all your problems, worries and pains. You have to see from your heart.

Because the heart knows, the heart decides out of a very different space than the mind. The heart doesn’t hurt another, neither does it hurt you. The heart always includes the other and once you decide from the heart, it will be healing for you as well as for the other.

And you might ask now: how to get there, how to live from the heart?

If that’s your question: come and join us on our 3 days journey to open your heart and to investigate your life issues, your relationships with your partner, parents, your children, colleagues or friends, even strangers.

And is it possible to stay present in our heart, to share out of love and understanding, while the other is throwing a tantrum, while the other is rude and hurting you?

Yes, there is a way.

And this way we’d like to show you in our seminar: Living life from the heart. We will create an atmosphere of love and an environment of trust. In this healing atmosphere we will guide you step by step into your heart. And we will let you experience, how it feels to live from the heart, to see from the heart and to act from the heart.