Thank you both for the wonderful five days dear Amarga and Svabhavo. Thanks for the experience and emotions. Thank you for my new name! With love I will wait for the next meeting:))
Dhyan Mangala
Beautiful Amarga! I am writing to you to say again big big thank you for the two days you supported us through our female world :) I started feeling much better and to come back to myself, leaving the heavy emotions :) i am so grateful for the whole experience of the female circle, as it reminds me how to be present as a woman and to connect to my inner needs and strength. The best thing I took is repeating YES to everything that happens. Yes, loudly with words and it helps me so much. You are a great example as a woman and I am blessed to meet you personally. Really really blessed! Big hug from all my heart (my true home)
HI, Amarga, it was such a precious experience what we had on the weekend! I feel i have taken something really precious with me from the seminar that no one can take away from me. I even feel it like a possession, like when I buy something really expensive and beautiful. Something was awoken, something was healed, a lot of things were felt and I realized things for myself, I felt changed, being able to stand on my feet no matter what comes. I felt on the right place in the right time with the right people. Normally when I go out of my body because of an intense experience there is a lot of physical pain and I am so ungrounded and not present for a long period of time. But this time as I had to drive to my home town for 4 hours it was amazing. Normally I struggle with being present for the whole ride and I am feeling a lot of fear during it. But this time I was so focused. Without even trying to or doing anything. This training was soo much over my expectations, soo precious! I am so grateful for what I received from you! I have been missing that type of energy in my life so much. It was beautiful, just beautiful! I hope to see you soon! Hugs from my heart
Dear Amarga and Svabhavo! Thank you very much for your love and support! Each of your visit is a gift for me, because miracles happen then! Yesterday I was driving, could not write, and returned late and tired. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your love, warmth, care, empathy and infinite acceptance ! The participants are very satisfied, and thank you for these days. For me, your every visit is a return to myself deeper and deeper,this is the most important in my life now. Thank you my dear guides
It was great to connect with your lovely and healing energy in the last women's group in Bulgaria! Thank you for the process and for being here!
Amarga!! Thank U a lot!!!! A lot!!! I want to thank U for all. I am feeling in U such great woman qualities, I have not yet..but U showed me the way how to start healing myself, how to open my heart for life, how to appriciate myself..and many, many other goodies. Thank U!! I am happy to meet U !!
Prem Salila
Thank you, beloved Amarga and Svabhavo for the light you've spread around here in Sofia :) For the light, which shines so bright that, I can see my own light and my own shadow and accept them both.Thank you for the love in which I can rest and nourish myself. Thank you for coming and going, so I can feel the wave of life. Thank you for shining so bright!
Dear Amarga and Svabhavo, what you two are doing is the best present that can be done within the limits of human capabilities. And every time when I feel your presence in the field or when I think of you I’m overwhelmed and this feeling in my heart can have so many different names, but I won’t name it, because it’s impossible, because it’s beautiful as it is.
Dear Amarga, the bacterial vaginosis has gone. I felt that we did a great job on the session. A week after the meeting with you, I felt that I am better and better and now I am healthy. Also our intimate relationship with my boyfriend has become more open, deep, satisfying and joyful. Thank you so much! ……… I had this infection for over 10 years and I have tried different medicines, diets and homeopathy but nothing helped. Two months before the session with you I had been taking herbs, natural supplements and also changed my diet, but I knew that this is not yet enough. I was certain that this infection had mental-emotional roots.
Anonym (Shamnic EnergyHealing Session)
Dear Svabhavo, you change my life, when we meet in first time. And you do it again and again. With you I remember my true natural self and feel how beautiful my light is. I don't know how explain my thanks for you but I just want to say thank you very much from all my heart
Thank you, beloved Amarga and Svabhavo, for sharing so deeply and beautifully who you are last week in Sofia. Your wisdom, deep sensitivity, acceptance, love and light make the world more gentle and loving! In the mirror of your light I see my light! In the mirror of your love I can feel deep lovingness in me. It's a beautiful dance of acceptance of who we are and live our true being! Thank you!
Prem Bahulya
Hello, Amarga! Hello Svabhavo! Today I talked with my parents. I described them my pain and fears from childhood. We talked, cried and hugged for the first time in my memory. We stayed close. We talked about our feelings, about love... Blessing you. Now I was able to talk with my parents. They never thought about my emotional condition. I'm growing. Today is my new birthday! Thank you very much! I Love you
Dear Svabhavo, I want to send you loads of love and gratefulness for what you told me during the individual session and in the master class as well. I went to the interview a couple of days ago and it was exactly as you said and I did what we practiced. It helped me so-so incredibly much to feel my value and to feel secure. They really did not expect so much questions from me as well :))) It seems they were not sure with the position themselves. And I am really not sure if I go there even if they make me an offer. (I did not like the place itself, the atmosphere and I did not like the potential boss either as well unfortunately) I stayed true to myself. Thank you so-so much. Send you lots of love, light and hugs
Growing in love was a profound and in many ways a shattering process. Getting all the illusions and looking straight into the wounds required a lot of courage and love. And the wisdom and light of two incredible beings who managed to fit us all in our hearts! The treatment of childhood injuries may take time and care now, but the space we are now taking on this pathway has already been sown with the seed of awareness. Let us always meet through this warmth and reciprocity we have experienced. Let Amarga and Svabavo come many more times and gather us in the field of love and light! Thank you !
Prem Bahulya
Dear Svabhavo After this increadible journey in the group I just have no words to say to you but only inner silence filled with gratitude ... I wish you to keep on leading more and more people there in the deepest waters of their beings ... To keep on inspiring people to feel ... to explore ... to trust ... to search for their own light ... This is pure human magic !!! Lighting wounds and letting them shine out ... !!! Thank you for being who you are ... For walking your way ... and for sharing your heartful wisdom ... !!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I feel blessed by meeting you and having the chance to be inspired by you to live this life I am given ... a deep silent HUG,
For me, the group with Amarga and Svabhavo is a bouquet of sensations. There is everything - joy, sharing love, support, strength, light, tranquility. A space is created where I feel protected to feel , supported to cry, stable to feel my pain. There is room for expressing anger and irritation :) For me, the group was also a place to breathe, feel my belly, relax, feel life pass through me. Best of all are the people I meet there. Amarga and Svabhavo themselves, Bahulya, other organizers, participants. Together, we all create a magical space that is worth being felt and experienced.
A magical experience that stabbed through all the madness of the world is now over, but is it? We are yet to feel all the usefulness of everything experienced in these three days with Amarga and Svabhavo. All revealing exercises - so useful for everyday life and yet - so deep. Touching layers that we do not have the strength and courage to meet normally. Because we need so much love and light to look there, to relax and see ourselves and life in fullness - and live it with both the shadow and the sun. And that is so special in Amarga and Svabhavo groups - it's like we're falling into a parallel universe where everything is welcome. It stops the battle, stops the improvement, stops the search. Simple, easy, light, magical they work. With the energy directly - without any preconceived methods and techniques. And they touch the core, the energy and the heart. I am grateful to you, dear teachers! I am also grateful to all the wonderful bright creatures we shared these three magical days with. We don't live in easy times and so much need to be together in the light - thank you! The freedom to be is within each of us! Thank you, Amarga and Svabhavo, for taking us there! We are waiting for you again!
Bahulya Prem
A wonderful weekend spent with Amarga and Svabhavo in the field of much love, tenderness and compassion. Looking so light but at the same time also highly groundbreaking. Working with such fine energy connected to the inner child, where traumas left different body aches. And one important movement towards the freedom to be, to be through the body. The great feeling of getting to know yourself through it. And best of all, there is always a way out of stress, shock, difficult situation of control outside-and it is in you, in your body and a step forward in real living. Personally, I went in with a stomach ache for many months, and in the end it was gone - without knowing how it happened. Magical and inspiring. Thank you Amarga and Svabhavo.
There is no place or other space like what is created by contact with them. It's like my soul is dissolving and I'm really myself, touching the essence of myself that I never thought existed. I answer questions that come from the depths of my being. Every time is different and special even when you think you know what awaits you. Through dance and meditation and just being with them is born in me a feeling of acceptance and freedom, I am learning to live in a new way, in love for what is. They are special. A part of my heart!
I want to thank Svabhavo and Amarga, in general, for all the wonderful online meditation meetings, but in this case for the 7-day marathon and the meditation day at the end. During the 7-day marathon, every day I became more and more connected with my body and myself and I became more and more relaxed and rested in myself. Something so simple, so natural, that it's weird how I could lose it. And on the meditation day, I felt deeply and understood why this happened (without even having this question). On the meditation day I met the rejection that I experienced as a child, that something was wrong with me ... When I actually realized that it was not my true self that was rejected, but me that wants to fit the crowd and is actually very nice it so happened that the crowd itself showed me that I was not a person to fit in these crowd. And already after the meeting I felt what causes me that... I always have to be someone, I have to look somehow for someone ... I felt very deep inside me how much it exhausts me ... how I lose any connection with myself because of that and what is actually important and valuable for me and my body ... I lose touch with what really nourishes me ... This always leads me to the wrong place with the wrong people. Because I have to be ... I have to be ... I have to look like ... To be strong, successful and what not. You told me all this in sessions, I knew it, I worked with it ... But in fact now on the meditation day I felt it in depth. I felt the pain, the heaviness and the exhaustion... And at the same time I felt myself and I really felt at home. Thank you both for the wonderful accepting and deep space in which I was able to relax and feel - something that was difficult for me lately... And now I realized that the difficulty to feel lately was from the fact that I struggled to keep what "I should be" and so I came out of myself. I just felt it very deeply and I am very grateful for everything to Svabhavo and Amarga... And for what you are! As well as to myself