About Us

Amarga started her inner journey in 1982, when she came in contact with spirituality and meditation through the Indian mystic Osho. Encountering herself in workshops and meditation, love and compassion grew and became stronger ever since.

In 1992 she completed her studies in Osho Prana Healing ® and Shock Release and deepened her skills by working as a member of the Osho Prana Ring in the Osho School of Mysticism in Pune. There she gave individual sessions, assisted in many groups and trainings before she started to lead groups and trainings on her own. Through the years she developed her own unique way of working, which she is sharing in many places of the world.

With a Master Degree in the Ushui System of Reiki, Amarga gives 1st, 2nd and Master/Teacher level Reiki Initiations.

Svabhavo worked for 5 years as a primary school teacher before his search for clarity and  inner truth brought him in contact with Osho, an enlightened master in 1979.

For the next 15 years he lived and worked in the Osho International Commune in Pune as well as in several Osho centers throughout the world, where he discovered and explored the art of being aware.

After that he worked as a builder and painter in Amsterdam with the longing to bring a meditative quality into daily life. Working out of love, making money with ease and relating with others with respect, deep acceptance and care were the outcome of his deepening awareness.

Then the request for sharing his qualities with people became stronger. Now he is giving workshops where he inspires people to reconnect with their awareness, their life energy, their true nature. He loves to work out of the moment, creates new meditation techniques and simple exercises in order to bring clarity and new approaches to any given life situation. 

He gives individual sessions in energy reading, human design awareness and life counseling, also on skype.